This is a FREE App we offer our patients to login to their treatment information.  Download to an iphone or ipad, you can look up appointments, account balances, view images, see information about our practice.  Also answers to frequently asked questions, and emergency advice is on there.


Although not common, if you do have an orthodontic emergency, please contact our rooms if you experience severe discomfort or if you have a problem with your appliance that you can’t take care of yourself.

What shall I do if an appliance, bracket, or band around the tooth breaks or becomes loose?

Please notify our office. We may need to schedule more time at your next appointment, or have a special visit.

How do I relieve irritation of the lips, tongue or the inside of the cheeks?

This may be relieved by placing wax over the offending piece of metal.

How can I alleviate a wire problem?

Contact our office and we will schedule an appointment to make this more comfortable for you. Sometimes a wire problem can also be alleviated by trimming the wire with nail clippers or applying wax.

If retainers are lost or damaged?

Please contact our office immediately for an appointment as a new impression is needed. Please note that this will incur a fee.